I'm going out for a ride, I may be some time...

A short update for those not keeping tabs on my every move; surely someone is? I'm certainly not; most of this stuff is a surprise even to me. Anyway...

Gosling One my faithful and somewhat naively trusting motorbike shaped companion, is currently locked away in a shed in Western Australia. I on the other hand, for some sort of transgression in a previous life, find myself residing in South Australia just outside Adelaide in fact. (Actually it’s quite pleasant) Nice as it is in the southern reaches of Terror Incognita, I've begun to find this long distance relationship a bit of a strain so have resolved to reunite myself with Gosling One and make sweet, sweet lo ...erm, bring her over to S A with me.

This being Australia and 'Stralia being the size of a small moon or possibly a Death Star of some description, it's going to involve a ride of just under 4,500km. Still, I went only slightly fewer KM this morning when I popped out to the corner shop for some milk.

Here's a basic map for filling the space in front of your eyes:

There will no doubt be a wealth of photos, videos and text to come after this as I've actually been asked, yes someone actually asked me to write about it all afterwards. Some people will read anything.

This is all on the somewhat dubious expectation that Gosling One actually hold together for 4,500km of course. Right, I'm off to sharpen my anti-snake machete and ensure the spider deterrent flamethrower is fuelled and ready for action.

If I'm not back in two weeks, don't touch my stuff...it's booby-trapped.