Drama queen of the desert...

They say a picture is worth a thousand words. Who 'they' are exactly I'm not sure, probably photographers I would imagine. I'm summarising the last two weeks of rattling across the middle of Australia in the form of nine images below.

I'll put together a more detailed story soon but for now, see if you can guess how many times we broke down...

We begin with Gosling One, still safely stashed in a friend's shed and silently sleeping under a blanket of dust.

Would you believe after 6 months of being left to her own devices she actually started first time, not bad for an old-timer. She's the good looking one on the left in case you were wondering.

After reacquainting ourselves we wobbled unsteadily off in an Easterly direction

The honeymoon doesn't last all that long with Gosling One announcing mid-desert that she's not all that keen on sand, rain, the cold, the heat or me.

Abandoning the stroppy drama queen in the desert, I resolved to flag down a four-wheel conveyance to return me to the nearest settlement where I could recruit assistance

2 days, a rental 4x4, a borrowed bike ramp and an awful lot of sweating and swearing later, Gosling One was retrieved, ferried back to 'civilisation' and duly persuaded back into working condition

Revitalised, repaired and returning back to the original plan we gallantly, some might say recklessly, ventured forth into the sandy middle bits of Australia

The locals were happy to see us back on the move again

Knobbly bits. There's more of them than you might imagine in the centre of Australia

There's plenty more to tell and I'll be scribbling away on something resembling a full story as soon as I've scrubbed all the red dust out from under my fingernails.